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How to blacklist items using ModifyWorld

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I'm trying to blacklist specific blocks using Modify World.


Even with this setup, members can still place, gain and destroy these blocks [(46|128:10|128:11|239|237|27527:31|189:1)]. How do I prevent this, without removing the building privileges of the group? I've used the 'pex toggle debug' command to locate the necessary nodes, however adding them did not solve my issue.

If there's an alternative plugin to blacklist items using permissions that is compatible with tekkit, please let me know!

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Make sure your ModifyWorld Config is set up correctly, like for example the "itemRestrictions: true" setting ... Also it reads permission files from top down, so all of your negative nodes need to be ABOVE your positive nodes if you want them to be read first. I would also run your file through a online yaml parser as it looks like the very first node "- modifyworld.chat" is not spaced right.

This wiki here


is now your best friend, give it a read.

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