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Filtering worn items

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hi Folks,

I'm setting up a filtering system so I can come back to base, throw everything in the ingestion chest and it sorts it out.

All is going well except for tools.

I have alchemy chests set up, with talismans of repair. However, even though there are healthy tools in the filter, non-healthy ones pass straight by it.

Any advice please?

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Items that have multiple values in the same ID (like dyes) and items that can be used up (like tools) both store their metadata in the same way: Damage values. There is a flag that says whether or not the metadata is for durability or subtypes, but the filter may not check that flag, and may just match it by damage value.

Try having something in the filter that you know the exact number of uses of (like a shovel you use three times), and then try to see if the filter will accept a different shovel of the same material also used three times.

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