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Unable to connect to hexxit servers


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I figured i would post this here in the Hexxit Discussion because technically i am not advertising a server but rather experiencing an issue with servers....


As the title says i am unable to connect to ANY hexxit servers, now your probably thinking "Are you in the correct version of hexxit?" well most server posts will have the version of hexxit the server is in the title so YES i am in the right version. Now for some reason when i put in a server ip (i right them down so i don't mess up) it will take awhile to register and then it will show the little "X" going through the bars with the message "unable to reach the server" i am not sure why i can't join servers, i clearly have internet access and i can play on vanilla minecraft servers. My question is, is it just an issue with hexxit and have others been having the same if not similar problems?

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