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Ore Kingdom TPPI | Dedicated | Custom Plugins | Modified Towny | Community Based

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Welcome to Ore Kingdom
A TPPI server made by the people for the people
IP: tppi.orekingdom.com 
Website: www.orekingdom.com
-Public and Whitelisted Server
-Friendly Community
-Hosted Professionally
-98% Uptime
-Custom Plugins including modified towny for max protection
-A whole different playing experience
How to join: 
- Get the Technic Launcher
-Download and launch the latest version
-Enter the IP: tppi.orekingdom.com
-Enjoy Ore Kingdom TPPI
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This is a really great server! It has minimal banned items (some are restricted to donors, for understandable reasons) and they have a form of personal anchor for chunk loading (Dimensional anchor) enabled. Donations go a very far way with this server, don't need to donate a whole lot to get access to the restricted items


The server has a great community. If there's anything that really stuck me to this server, it was the community. THe owners, mods, admins, and members are all very enjoyable to be with. They have a "dont be a jerk" rule, so no more dealing with asshats :D


This server also has an excellent TPS and excellent drive to keep it that way: The owners are great at tracking down laggy bases and having their builders fix it


An interesting feature of this server is its donor-based "5 minutes of creative" aspect. At first, this seemed like a totally over powered and gamekilling aspect, but because youre restricted against placing/having creative-only items and infinite power sources, its not too bad. The 5 mins tends to get you a set of end-game armor and tools as well as a few ore processing machines. Its handy for when you've beaten a mod on a different server and dont want to start COMPLETELY over


One not-so-good thing, however is occasionally the server will restart and fail to return online. in the 2 weeks ive played this has happened twice. Not a big deal, because other servers using this modpack has that happen far more often, including UC.


Community 10/10

Donor Features 8/10

Uptime 8/10

Restrictions/banned items 9/10

Staff integrity and friendliness 9.5/10


Overall rating 9/10

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