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Tekkit Classic 1.7.10, Beta

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Ok, so you've all probably been waiting for Technic to update their Tekkit Classic modpack to 1.6.4 or higher, well.

Myself and my server staff team have been putting it together, Obviously the most important mod that made tekkit classic what it was, was Equivilent Exchange 2. We have that updated and working on 1.7.10, we also have all of the other mods updated for 1.7.10 but the real question is. What would you love to see included in tekkit classic?

We're currently in beta so protecting spawn against the right click of EE items is currently an issue but as soon as we have the server finished we will be going public. also if you know much about creating bukkit plugins, get in contact with me, either here or via skype: joe.whitman123


+ give me your opinions on what should be added/removed or what ever 


Current Modlist:

Tree Capitator

Advanced Machines

Advanced SolarPanels

Adv-repulsion Systems



Chicken Core

CoFH Core

CoFH Lib


Dimensional Anchor

Enchanting Plus

Ender Storage
Flans Mod

Immibis Core

Immibis MicroBlocks

IndustrialCraft 2

Inv Tweaks

Iron Chests

Logistics Pipes


Mekanism Generators


Nether Ores

Open Mods

Joe's Secret EE2 Update (no EE code used btw)
Project Red Mods

twilight Forest
Balcons Weapon mod

Wireless redstone 

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