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So I'm running a server for my friends and I and for some reason it stopped working just for me. I redownloaded everything that has to do with the technic pack and launcher and that hasn't helped. I looked on other forums and my security is also fine. I encountered a problem with the capi2, but that was easily fixed.

Problem description: When I log on chunks are slow to load, takes about 5 minutes, it acts like I have a bad internet connection and it lags like none other. I get a message on the server command saying "Can't keep up! Did the server time change, or is it overloaded?" This is just happening to me, the server runs perfect for others.

I run an i7 with a terabyte of storage and dual 480 1333Mhz graphics cards so I know its not power that I have to worry about.

Please help?

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