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help a newbie! want friends to have me as company!! :)


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hello  pretty much a newbie and  im not good at bigdig and i need help with getting on feet.

im 13 and a girl and plz no fooling around i just want skype. and maybe if you have other nice friends would be great, just message me back or add me on skype.. no peddofile or perv plz.. you know what just send me a messege;)

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I don't have Skype, but I'd be glad to play. And just to be safe, don't give me any personal info! (I'm very touchy about making sure I don't seem like a 50-year old pedophile or something.) I don't understand everything in the game either, but I still know a decent amount, and think that it's enough to help you out. Message me if you want to play, but tell me if you want to do Survival or Creative.

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