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Non-Trivial World Altering (2)


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A utility that runs a finite liquid type algorithm over the world but is not part of the normal world management routines.

As a background example, I was playing with computercraft and built a small dome out of TNT and nukes. Obviously I was left with a large crater in which I decided to build a large glass dome as a base. The walls of the crater had several large water falls that, because of the bedroc,k then went nowhere and didn't refill the hole as logic would demand. (Minecraft water physics limitation).

Assumed limitations, only vanilla blocks should be used unless its not a problem to include Mod blocks. The world could be generated and terraformed in a modded world and shut down, then a minecraft installation could be run with the 'finite liquid' type utility and your holes would fill. The now logical (ish) world would then be reloaded into the modded environment.

The middle step is set up so that a cinematic sequence could be recorded for lets players. (or for people who just like running water simulated in minecraft)

Yes this could be achieved in MCedit but not as elegantly and without the option for the cinematic sequence.

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