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[1.7.2]HorizonCity[PvP][100][Dont Look Back][whitelited]

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Community Website:


Mod pack Link:


Server IP:



only 5 simple rules.

1- Respect Staff

                                                                               2- You May do Anything you want, EXCAPT on the SPAWN world

                                                3- No greifing or stealing on the Spawn Island.

                                    4- NO spamming chat with ANYTHING

                                                               5- Do not Harrass other players.whil on the spawn world


Server Information:

The server and pack were made for our community to enjoy Exploring and PvP adventuring

together. The Main thing though, is to NEVER LOOK BACK!

Its all about having fun with greifing and raiding.

Even the MOBS get into it. We've added many mobs like Elemental creepers that will greif the world. (configs have been heavily tweaked) we have creepers that will stalk you,

zombies that spawn in the daylight, skelies that fire ...fire arrows, or explosive arrows. We do offer a Safe World.(spawn world) where you can buy plots (as there avail)

to build and save your loot safely. Many of the MODS, will help you to progress and be WAAAAY overpowered. So suit up.. and get ready to fight!

UPTIME: 24/7

About the community:

Our community is a place for free thought.Each week we plan something for the community to be invloved in. Rather it be on our community server, or on someone elses....

We host Live Broadcasts, Lets plays, We also search all over the internet to bring you

the best Mods, Maps, servers, Plugins, websites and youtube videos to check out. All things relating to Minecraft. Server Owners are welcome to submit there server to our listing. Though the reviews are submited by REAL players on that server and checked for accuracy.

Our community as a lot of Long time active members who have stayed with us since the begining and have gone on to be great staff members.In our community,

you dont just join in 1 day and become OP the next.. you have to work hard and be a part of the community,

you have to stand out from the crowd, make yourself known.

but, just a warning, we do like to 'lightly' troll our players :)

(noting major, maybe you come back from exploreing to find your have a parkour challenge hidden under your base.

or your floor made of wool as changed colors slightly, or maybe theres suddenly a few more trees around you.. or a random mob...

who knows, its always fun and light, to help your time with us be more exciting,

if you notice us trolling, and ask us to stop, we'll stop.

mainly, we just want to help make your time on our server a fun adventure!

either way, we try not bother you,

we just let you explore and enjoy the mod pack on your own or with your freinds.

But, our community will gladly help you out if you ask.


to be added. simply respond back here (may take a few days to repsond...)

or go to: http://hooptiesworld.enjin.com/whitelist.

you will have to join the community before you can submit a form on our website.

otherwise, respond to this thread with your:


Why you want to join the server?

Thats it. simple and easy.

Server Plugins we use:

Essentials, horse protect, gringotts, NOLOGOUT PvP, and a few others for namely for admins and staff to use.

WORLD information:

Spawn World :

only admins and staff build here. though, you can buy plots as they become available to be able to have your own space to build privatly.


/warp world. This is where all the action happens, its reset as needed.

NETHER and END worlds:

These worlds are reset once per month or As needed.

Twilight World:

This world has a large border and is reset once every 6 months.


very secretive and hard place to get to. But its fun to find.

Staff are able to access this world easily, and may invite you to come over and play with them.


5 mystcraft worlds are offered per month to explore and adventure in. Thesse worlds are made by ADMINS only.

and offered to the public for free. At the end of the month, old worlds can be bought or sold thru our economy shops.


this is a speacile world uploaded only for youtubers to record lets plays on. each month, we feature a new downloaded map which youtubers can plan

events on and invite members of the community to join in on there adventures with. ONLY Youtubers and ADMINS are able to access the warp for this world.

All other players need to be invited by a youtuber or an admin.

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we had some minor issues with Lag at spawn due to our admin hangout being deep below ground @ spawn. too many items being used.. caused lag. we managed to Fix that.


Im also in the process of adding PLOTS that people can buy at /warp plots1 on the spawn world. This is a fully protected area where you can build safely.

However, All the actin happens in the /warp world and everyone is encouraged to go there instead. The Nether and Twitlight portals only work on the main world.


We've also started a new thing were weill be hosting Lets plays on a Speacile Map uploaded just to record it.

THis month, its the SUPER HOSTILE SEA OF FLAMES V.2 Map. Crazy fun.  We'll be planning the first Community Lets play soon on with it. Keep an eye on the calendar on our home page.


and sign up to be able to join in on the fun and be involved in the Youtube recording :)


The Servers really starting to take off :) I've tried hard to make this server more inline with vanilla, or realistic as possible.

So.. the economy ...no admin shops.. its up to you.. make a shop.. buy/sell.. its up to you to earn the income. I only provide you with 6 admin signs to help you out.


Bread, cooked fish, Stone Bricks, Cooked Meat, Iron, and of course.. LOGS..  That's all you got to make money of me with. The rest is up to you.


I also just finished the Jail system. SO fun.. You'll be hard pressed to break the rules and get in there. .but if you do.  Its cool.

your own island... your own cell. your own playground. :) I hope you don't join just to get into our prison though. you experience with the mods and server will be very limited.

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Hey everyone,


This coming Monday were going to be Hosting a LIve show on our server using the Featured Map. Vechs Super hostile Series  SEA of Flames Map.

Yup! .. You get to watch me and whoever joins me .. die.. a lot .. -_-


Come watch the action Monday at 6pm(central.. ruffly.. aprx. time) at www.twitch.tv/hooptiecoupe

Or, you can join in on the fun by getting whitelisted before Monday and be a participant in the the live show :)

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We finally got the issues with lag cleared away. It turned out to be an ITEM ID conflict issue.
were also now using a custom Map for the Exploration PVP world. You can find information about the map at:



Also, we have a Speacile Poll going on concerning the future of the mod pack. were looking to change some aspects about our community mod pack.

Feel free to put in your vote and let us know how you would like us to make the mod pack to work better for you :)

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Server stays pretty quite, its kinda an anarchy server. Our staff really don't get in the way of what your doing.

We will be chaning the mod pack soon...ish. sometime around janary.


Its looking like the community POLL is voting to add achemeides ships, and change our gave mod to something else,..

we'll also be replacing explorecraft with atlas mod, since most people are find exporeercraft to be too complicated to want to mess with.


Its def. come a long way from initial beta testing. :)


the one issue we found recent, is that for some reason, placing maps on walls, will crash some people.. but not everyone.


I had a cool map room. I had to remove the warp and remove the map area, cause it was causeing some staff members to crash as soon as they went in that area.


I noticed too that it would cause small lag when I looked in the direction of the map room. Very odd. the rendering of maps on walls. is...well...? laggy. so, we've had to remove that.

im hoping to work on adding a basic mob fighting arena like we used to have in our hexxit server sometime in febuary. Right now, im working on a 1.8 adventure map messing around with a lot of the new coding

they've added to command blocks. Its pretty exciting, im hoping to release the first chapter of the game sometime at the end of December.

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Based on community feed back...


we'll be updaing the mod pack this month to remove some things and add some things.


you can keep up with the mod pack changes here:


namely, were changeing the gravestones mod, and adding the archemeides ships mod.

though, there will be some config. adjustments to make it a bit more challenging to create the ships. mainly,

we want to encourage people to use them more as boats. not aircrafts.

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