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Server created - Help with missing blocks & end of stream errors?

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Hi all. I just started up my own Tekkit-classic server today and I have been having some issues.


First off, my friends are able to connect to the server through hamachi and such, so that is not an issue. I however, am having an issue with some invisible blocks. here is the timeline of events as they unfolded:

- joined server, friends joined, everything is fine.

- I come across the outline of what should be a block, try mining it, and I crash. According to the server console, I received and end of stream message, and cannot reconnect even after relogging.


Issue 2:

- another person mouse wheel clicked an ore, and the above events unfolded in the same fashion, unable to reconnect with end of stream error in console. (Screen says logging in, blank minecraft dirt screen, black screen, then white screen.)


Possibly related: I saw in the chat box upon joining the server: 


MAtmos: A r21 update is available (you're 9 versions late).


so maybe its something to do with incorrect versions? either mine or the server? I downloaded the latest client, and server files. Thanks for the help!


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