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Mob Grinder Problem aka "Why you not die King Slime?!?"


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Helleo everybody,


I sit here and feel totally stupid not being able to figure it our, so maybe you have an idea.

I have built a grinder chamber to farm Slime Kings. I have caught one in a reuseable safari net  and put it in an auto spawner. A grinder should now kill the King Slime and grab the items.

I know I could get more experience from the slime using an autonomous activator and capture the orbs via a vacuum hopper, but the xp is not my concern.


My main problem is the item transport from the grinder. I have attached some itemducts to it, in order to transport the loot to some chest somewhere else, where I can sort the stuff.

The problem now is that the items get stuck in the grinder and do not come out (the duct is configured to let the items out and a pneumatic servo is installed to have an always on signal). So after the first Slime King is dead the next one just sits there and waits in front of an inactive grinder, because the item got clogged up.

I have tried different configs  (in means of facings, filters, stacksizes ...) and even added a chest in the back attaching the duct to that instead of directly into the grinder, it didn't work either. The items now sit in the chest and do not get transported away.

I have even completely disasembled the whole transport setup, and reasembled it without any success. In the meantime all other mobgrinders work just fine.


My solution now was to hook up some project red transportation to the chest next to the grinder and pull out the stuff with an extractor card, and put it into my system from there. This works nicely and is there to stay for now. Yet I do not understand what happened there. The setup was in no way different from the other one I run and yet it still didn't work out.


Has anybody else encountered such a problem?

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