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Mobile Base - Archimedes Ships/HariBotAircraft Issues. Need a bit help (biomes o plenty help offer)


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Hello, at first, congratulation to this awesome forum. Impressive work.

All works fine, but i cant discover some issues:Minecraft 1.6.4 (because of tekkit)

Archimedes Ships Mod

The Thermal Expansion ( Blocks acting spooky:

- Pipes disappear until the flymode starts, and thy never come back, even when the ship is rejoining the World. No texturebug, the Blocks are gone.
- Blocks, not only ThermalExpansion rotating, vanilla Blocks acting fine.

Can somebody, or maby the developer give me a hint to fix this issue? This would be realy helpfull

Thanks in advance!

PS: Buildcraft or ExtraUtility machines AND Pipes are working fine with the archimedes. but, i need the TE pipes -.- pls help



HabriboteAricraft Mod


There is no rotating issue, even the farmanimals will stay on the ship. But: How can i transport passengers and is there a TekkitVersion of the AirshipMod.cfg?

In this mod you have to ad ANY BlockID to the Config, if it is not vanilla. Anoying issue.

Thanks in Advance if anybody can help. Glad to be Part of the Tekkitforum now.

If someone has a question:

I run my tekkit 1.2.9e Server with Biomes o Plenty, Achimedes Ships, Epic Ships, HariboteAircraft Mod, Laser Mod. I also added Biblocraft. A nice Teleporter Mod and for some nice exploring: MoCreatures.

So, if someone needs help, i'll do my best.

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Developers generally do not read this forum, and Tekkit does not support custom modpacks based on it. Your best chance is to ask here.

But as we are in the middle of the 1.7 transition, I doubt that anybody will fix any more 1.6.4 issues by now.

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