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Objects only work when chunk loaded?

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Hey everyone,

I'm fairly new to tekkit (I just discovered Tekkit two weeks ago, and created a server dedicated to tekkit the same day).

I've been playing a lot with it, and I've noticed a few things..

I've set up a bunch of Quarries around the continent I'm on, and they're supposed to send what they mine to a central factory that smelts those ores. HOWEVER, Quarries only actually do anything when I'm right beside them. As soon as I leave, its as if they un-load and stop working. They do indeed have power, that's not the problem. I'm just wondering if there's a setting or something I'm missing, or my actual fate is having to stand next to quarries my entire life.

Second, and this is probably a very nooby question: Is everything supposed to stop working when there is nobody logged in? If I'm logged in, all of my machines work (forestry gatherers & farms, nuke reactors, generators, etc). However, the instant I log off everything will stop working and will pick up where it left off whenever someone logs in. This is probably the way it is, but I'm here to double check, and also ask if theres a way to have such activities continue.


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A set of chunks is loaded around each player, so you need to get chunk loader blocks at your stuff. The blocks force-load the current chunk and 4 chunks around it, as in a + shape. Use the chunk loader blocks at your base and your quarries and some other stuff you might have at a long distance.

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