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Tekkit server start error `6 more`

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When i want to start a tekkit server, after i click launch and then get a screen which loads untill it says

. . . 6 more

After that, nothing happens. Searched other threads, couldn't find a fix. Please help.

Thanks, JeroenpyMOD EDIT: Don't do that.

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look at it carefully as well post the entire crash log, w/o anymore information its going to be hard to help you.

but betting that its a block ID Conflict

Its most definatly not a block ID conflict. Op, your computer seems to be running a bit slow. Go down to your local coffee shop, and grab yourself seven cups of good ol' java. Re-fill the coffee resevoir inside your computer, and give it a good shake. The 6 more error you are getting is nothing more then a warning from your computer saying it needs at least 6 more cups of coffee for it to run properly. Follow the above steps and you should be set.

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