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Dementiam craft custom modpack and server pvp factions

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This mod pack and server i created from scratch it has many awesome mods

including biome's o plenty

galactic craft 2


biblo craft


tinker construct


fossils and archaeology

build craft

applied enegerstics

advanced genetics



mine factory reloaded

twilight forest

hardcore ender expansion

mod server is inbuilt in the modpack please enjoy and bring your friends

http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/diementiam-craft.503943 thats the link for downloading it from the technic launcher
the server has minim lag
The owner is Gazionetadmin which is me
there is way more mods that i did not list
97 mods

i am working all the time on it please stop by and give it a shot i will improve it over time. but i need the communitys oppinion about it.

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