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[0.6.5]Anarchy[PvP][20 slots][No Banned/Restricted Items]


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Server ip is: rekt.strangled.net



1. Don't hack

2. Don't spam

3. Greifing & raiding is allowed, it's anarchy


No mods are removed from this server, it's as vanilla as it comes. (Meaning no plugins, use a bed to set your home friend)


About the server;


This is a brand new server, and as the nature of anarchy i will not be taking on staff members sorry. The only 'staff' you will see is me the owner (zakanater19).


We are looking for players that enjoy the freedom of what the modpack intended, meaning mystcraft and all the other good stuff in tekkit lite is allowed here :)


The server will be on about 9-16 hours a day on weekdays, and 24/7 on weekends.


So to wrap this up the server is live now, come and enjoy it :)

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