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Crimson Web Server [1.6.4] [10-15 slots] [Crimson Web Modpack] [PVE] [24/7] [Whitelisted]


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Welcome to Crimson Web!!!


I am creating this server to have some fun on a no lagg server, im willing to let some come join if they want.


The server will be on hard

PVP will be off.

No items will be banned


Will just be single player with frineds





Rules: No cheating, no griefing, and no killing. Other than that, just use common sense, and be Mature


To apply leave your IGN

Why you would like to join.

Would you ever donate to help pay server fees? (You dont need to donate to join I would just like to know)

Skype Name


Spend time to make the app plz


If no one wants to join i wont make the server cause its not worth paying money to play by myself


If some people want to join ill make the server tomorz


P.S. will add ip after i confirm a couple people want to join, as i have to make the server

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