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Tekkit 3 CB1.2.5 R-2.0 and ideas

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Hi i noted the plugin of CraftBukkit its update all for CB1.2.5-R2.0 but Tekkit 3 is CB 1.2.5-R1.3 will possible a change for CB 1.2.5 -R2.0? and if you could can change the damage or resistance for sword and armor EE2,IC2 would really amazing.

Do you know if it's been fixed the problem of Nether world? , if you place a block(TORCH,WOOD,COBBLESTONE AND ANOTHER) in Nether world and return in the normal world if you place the block get the message " Internal server error"

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We can not update to 2.0 because there is MCPC build for it yet. Not only that, when there is you can feel free to update it yourself until we do. Finally, they will probably go straight to 3.0. :v:

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