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Mob spawners and disabled mobs

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I have been playing on a tekkit server that has mobs disabled. Pre tekkit 3 mob spawners would still spawn mobs, so you could get the mob only drops and farm XP if you could find a dungeon/mineshaft. Since the server has upgraded to tekkit 3/minecraft 1.2.5, the mob spawners no longer work with mobs disabled.

My question is, was this behaviour a bug in the previous version that has now been fixed, or was it the intended behaviour and is now broken?

p.s. yes, the server is not set on peaceful, so that is not the issue. Also, it's not my decision to play with mobs disabled, so telling me to enable mobs won't help.

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Searched and this was the only thread I found on this subject.

Has there been discussion about which mod is causing this? Because none of the dungeons I have built for my players on the server are working anymore, and I do not want to just turn on all monsters at night, as its more a building server with the few areas I have designated as hunting grounds.

If someone knows, or could at least point me in the right direction to start my search it would be wonderful.

edit: I have tested setting up a vanilla server, and it still works properly with difficulty=2 spawn-monsters=false

edit2: With the way things are currently, you cannot spawn mobs with eggs by placing them or with dispensers unless spawn-monsters=true, which is different from vanilla.

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