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Finally getting my server ready

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Hey guys, I might get yelled at by everyone for this but I have a few questions.

I have lots of experience in Bukkit, but next to none in Tekkit. Now, I want to use plugins obviously, and I've gotten Dynmap working beautifully.

My next task is to disable certain blocks from different (stop crafting) mods based on a permission node. I've read a few articles on PEX being able to do this with ModifyWorld. Could someone point me in the right direction to doing this?

Also, what sort of rollback plugin is compatible with Tekkit? I've heard HawkEye is, but I've always used LogBlock. Are there any helpful thread either on Bukkit or these forums that could guide me through installing?

Last thing, disabling certain blocks at a mod level (as stated in the "Tekkit 3.0.3 is out thread") how can I disable items like the Red Matter Furnace?

I'm brand-new to Tekkit, so hopefully these aren't the noobiest questions. Thanks for any help given.

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get these plugins

-disable craft - disables them from crafting it

-logblock- anti grief and rollback function (but cpu hog)

I've heard rumors of LogBlock with Tekkit causing issues. I know how to use LogBlock, been using it for a year on Bukkit MineCraft. I'll find disablecraft, thanks for your help!

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I'm still a bit confused.

The searching on this forum is sort of annoying, but I'm ready to start bookmarking pages.

Anyone that can list a few items they've disabled. Either because they're overpowered or cause terrible things, please list them and why! I'm trying to sort this out.

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