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I'm an experienced server owner, but new to mods

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From what I understand of mods, the are not compatible with bukkit plugins.

1. Are there specialized plugins that are compatible?

2. Are the mods in tekkit almost uncontrollable?

I am also pretty sure that you have to have modloader for them to work.

3. Do the 'users' have to have modloader?

4. Do they have to have tekkit on their computer?

Following the belief that there may be plugins that are incompatible with tekkit-

5. Can I limit tekkit to only 1 world on my server?

6. Can I tweak with it too add permissions for it?

Please and TY,


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1. from what I've seen, most plugins are compatible with tekkit

2. IC2 seems to be the only mod with a config file of any use, it gives you options to disable the crafting of some IC2 items and afew other cool things

1. refer to next point

2. you need a tekkit client to play on a tekkit server yes, as long as the server and the client are running the same build they will be able to connect

1. simple, just don't have more than one world

2. permissions is a plugin, plugins work with tekkit

P.S. don't sign your posts, they don't like it

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About the permissions part-

Permissions isnt compatible with everything, the mod/plugin has to work on making it specifically work for permissions. I, as the server manager, would have to find a certain code that lets the user/admin do something.

i.e. worldedit for bukkit- theres like...10000000000 different permissions for it, but I pick and choose what I allow people to do.

Are you sure tekkit supports permissions?

Specifically PermissionsEx

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I can assure you that Permissions works with tekkit.

I believe this is how it works: your client can have many mods installed, your server can have many mods installed. But your client MUST have atleast the mods that are installed on the server. Your client can have extra mods installed that aren't on the server, you just won't be able to use them because the server doesn't have them.

Theoretically anyone can join your tekkit server if they have all the same mods installed that tekkit does, but thankfully for us the technic team have brought together a number of sexy mods and put them into one big sexy package that (for the most part) works perfectly. Just tell everyone who wants to play on your server to download the technic launcher and choose tekkit from the options

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