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Tekkit 3.0.3 and MineFactory

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Morning Tekkit Community

So I been working with a few server admins and since the removal of Forestry, I have been playing with Tekkit 3.0.3 and MineFactory and I have been wondering is there anything that I need to know ie bugs or problems with this mod and the mods in Tekkit 3.0.3.

If anyone has this mod installed on their server and working 100% no problems please let me know how stable it is and if there is problems with running it with Towny or if WorldGuard


Aurron Mod Edit: Don't sign your posts

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with regards to using Forestry I would prefer to use a mod that is supported by tekkit and not having issues when we have technical issues.

we support forestry just as much as we support minefactory. That is to say not at all. We may answer your bug reports if there's a glaring thing that we understand, but we generally don't provide support for any mods that aren't in the pack... because they aren't in the pack.
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