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Server Connectivity

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Previously, I have ran bukkit and minecraft servers succesfully. I began this tekkit server, and it worked for several days.

Recently, an issue appeared. I can only connect through localhost (and even then sometimes I cannot. Ergo, others cannot connect. Usually it will confront me with the error message "Disconnected by server: Took too long to log in"). Otherwise, while waiting in the server lobby, the server (that is currently running on my computer)says it cannot be reached "cannot be reached".

I have port forwarded everything correctly, re installed several things, and updated tekkit server (although I use recommended build). I re installed Java. I checked cmd, ipconfig, and my netgear router to inspect my ports. I checked my firewall and nothing wrong is there.

However, I recently inspected my ipconfig once more to see if something changed or the IPv4 was different. Strangely enough, the config gave me this list:

Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface:

Connection-specific DNS

IPv6 Address........................:xxx:xxx:xxx:

Link-Local IPv6 Addres.............:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:

Default Gateway:.....................:xxxxx:xxx:xxxxx:

Tunnel adapter 6T04 Adapter:

Media state..................:Media disconnected

Connection-specific DNS Suffix.:

Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection 11

Media state-Disconnected

Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection 12

Media state-Disconnected

Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection 13

Media state-Disconnected


What information may I supply you with so you can assist me? This is slightly more important than video gaming recreation (I will not disclose anything further for means of efficiency). Thank you for your replies, time, consideration, and assistance.

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This is probably unrelated to anything with your settings and just has to do with Minecraft's login servers being incredibly broken and slow all day today.

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I thought of that, as I was trying to figure out the problem on the internet from previous posters there were many recent comments about some minecraft issues with servers.

I am currently trying another, cleaner swipe of tekkit.

Update:It has to be what you said then. Afterwards, I add a server through localhost IP, the server is green and says it is up, I log in, and am confronted by "DISCONNECTED BY SERVER: TOOK TOO LONG TO LOG IN"

I guess it would just be waiting it out.

Or the "End of Stream" error.

Actually, I looked at the cmd and it said I had an outdated client.

I used manual build 3.0.something or other

Once, I logged in successfully through localhost. Otherwise it gave me previous errors and a new "http 500" error. I can only connect through local host still, as the server tab with the actual IP on it cannot be reached.

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