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Voltz 3.0.0 server


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If correct following the rules of the dmca if someone would do it the dmca could hit this forum as it would contain a link to such a thing, my advice : remember to also download the libraries needed for it as well and remember you need the minecraft_server.jar as well next to it as it loads it as well via the cauldron version you activate in the launch.bat.


For example download voltz server package and unpack it, drop cauldron jar in and its libraries inside of where you unpacked it (it now should read in the main folder also a libraries folder and the cauldron jar file should be next to the voltz one, now do not load voltz.jar but the cauldron.jar and it should work.


Note the original voltz one needs a 1.5.2 minecraft compatible one cauldron, for the beta version the 1.6.4 version of cauldron.


For the 1.6.4 version I searched for Cauldron-1.6.4-1.965.21 builds and am using build 89 and searched for that cauldron for libraries.

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I tried to do it like 10 times but it dosen't wanna work i think ill isntall the cauldron server , run it , then drop all voltz mods in



Still not woking , can you guys setup a voltz server for me on version 3.0.0 please , ill appreciate it and if u want u cna be staff on my server

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