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Config Files Empty?

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I'm not sure why, but I went to go disable some things, and I noticed most of my /config files were empty.

The specific ones I'm worried about are:

EnderStorage.cfg, mod_WirelessRedstoneRedPower.cfg, mod_WirelessRedstoneCore.cfg, mod_WirelessRedstoneAddons.cfg, mod_TubeStuff.cfg, mod_RedPowerWorld.cfg, mod_RedPowerWiring.cfg, mod_RedPowerMachine.cfg, mod_RedPowerLogic.cfg, mod_RedPowerLighting.cfg, mod_RedPowerCore.cfg, mod_RedPowerControl.cfg, mod_Railcraft.cfg, mod_PowerConverters.cfg, mod_NotEnoughItems.cfg, mod_NetherOres.cfg, mod_IronChest.cfg, mod_ImmibisCore.cfg, ALL mod_IC2___.cfg, mod_EE.cfg, mod_CompactSolars.cfg, mod_CodeChickenCore.cfg, mod_BuildCraftTransport.cfg, mod_BuildCraftFactory.cfg, mod_BuildCraftEnergy.cfg, mod_BuildCraftCore.cfg, mod_BuildCraftBuilders.cfg, mod_AdditionalPipes.cfg.

All of these configs are completely blank. I'm guessing a few of them are supposed to be, but the ones I've bolded are my concerns.

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There are automatically created mod files that don't seem to serve a purpose other than checksums (I assume ModLoader or whatever it's called has something to do with this), and then there are the important ones. Where are these you mention located, your server folder structure or your .techniclauncher\tekkit folder? If the former, there are other config files to worry about, and some of these will populate when you run the server. If the latter, don't worry about them.

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Alright, so which should I be looking at? I'm looking for the file to disable some EE stuff without completely removing it.

That config file is, oddly enough, not in the 'config' directory but up in the main server directory, in the mod_EE.props file.

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