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They're giving server admins time to get their servers up and running (plugins, testing, migrating spawn, etc). Making 3.0.3 the rec build just means more people complaining when your server isn't running 3.0.4.

Currently Tekkit 3.0.3 is technically a beta, and as such you must manually select “3.0.3| 1.2.5 | Latest” to connect to a Tekkit 3 server. We’ll give it a couple of days before we push 3.0.3 to Rec. build to give servers time to really flex Tekkit 3 and everything to settle.
From http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit-3-0-3-has-been-released/

I really couldn't believe you asked for this ETA but, to be honest, not that surprised that someone did.

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