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Thoughts about a chest suggestion

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Things have started to get a little crowded in my sorting room, principally because there is stiff that I want to store, but I don't want to store great quantities of them.

Things like bonemeal, gunpowder, dyes, that sort of thing. However, there is no easy way to restrict the number of these things which are kept in a chest, or else when you take a stack of something out, it gets replaced by something else that is destined for the same chest.

Either that or the sorting room gets large because you've got to keep a separate chest for everything.

What I was thinking, was a sort of cross between the sorting machine and the alchemy chest, where you can specify what is kept in each row or column of the chest.

One alchemy chest which would only store in a column, whatever is already in the top slot of that column, would allow me to keep reasonable amounts of whatever I need.

Do other people think that this is desirable enough to warrant making a suggestion to the appropriate modder?

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Thinking about this, I'm not sure whether it would be easy, as I'm unsure about the behaviour of filters. I'm not sure, but I think I observed the following...

One of my small chests had about 5 glowstone dust in a slot, with all the other slots full. However, glowstone dust was passing the filter by.

When I removed a stack of something, instantly some bonemeal jumped in to the chest and then the glowstone dust started coming through again.

So, my tactic of trying to keep small amounts of things, currently looks doomed to failure unless I keep a small chest for everything; and as they need a half-block above them and can't have another chest either side of them, it looks like it will be an awful lot of real estate just to keep small amounts of some things.

If anyone has any ideas ...

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