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Technic Pack map:AirShip survival


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Dear [insert name here] you have been chosen to command the A.S. Acko (A.S. means air ship) your objectives are to complete all challenges whitch are in the rules.txt

basically you need to survive as long as you can onboard an airship you can land and go mining when u need and build expansions to the ship here are the objectives:

-Create your own machine!

-make a room for your computer and add more things to the computer!

-make a nuclear Reactor expansion

-Make a farm expansion ( you can use forestry if you want)

-create a quarry on land and some chests create waypoint then after a while come back to quarry and take stuff from chests (rinse and repeat)

-Upgrade the control room

and many other things you can think of!

also this map can be 2 player but on tekkit and im not sure how that works so good luck!

also if you want to make a lets play please add it here or PM me


Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?9ov4x8fgyrnxl9f (sorry about ad..fly my brother put up the link i changed it)

(wait 5 seconds and click skip add on top right)

how to install:

1.open technic SSP in technic launcher go to texture packs

2.go to texture pack folder

3.go back and go to saves

4.insert save file in

5.(OPTIONAL) i recomend sphax's pureBDcraft with added technic textures

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