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Suggested Texture Packs?

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Minecraft is a beautiful game. Technic/Tekkit made it a complex game. But now I want a STUNNING game. I'm looking for texture packs that work with Technic and/or Tekkit that doesn't require any kind of HD patches to run. I knew a few older ones but with all the special blocks I don't know which ones would work. Any help, and links, would be deeply appreciated.

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SphaxBDCraft Is probably the most common one used at the moment... Although i'm pretty sure a dokucraft for tekkit is being developed.

SphaxBDCraft is simple to install and can be extremely high def depending on the pack. Just google "SphaxBDCraft for Tekkit" Shouldnt be too hard to find, then just youtube a tutorial on how to install, seeing as im lazy and i cant be bothered explaining it :P

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