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IC2 Teleporters Tekkit SMP 3.0.4

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On a community server with friends , I had noticed that teleporters do not work or are possible bugged? I have dedicated MFSUs to both sides, they are not set to emit a redstone signal, they are button activated, and they are linked, ive tried a few methods to fix them and no such luck. The teleporters do make a Blue " End like" cloud when iactivate the button but i do not get teleported and i also noticed that the MFSU doesnt lose any power.

Is this only because that they are bugged? possibly even just a issue with not having flight permissions on the server, also even though flight is disabled i can still fly in the normal world but not in the nether, thus i am leaning more towards just a bugged server than a simple fix.

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Did you migrate the world or is this a new world for 3.0.3/3.0.4, actually the real question should be have these teleporters worked before in this config?

If this is a new build, how far are you trying to teleport? Teleporters power usage depends on distance and how much you're carrying. It's possible a single MFSU isn't enough to teleport you the distance you're trying to do with the stuff you're carrying.

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