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Looking for some general graphics settings advice


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Just looking for some general advice for setting my graphics the best for the mod pack. 


I just got a new to me computer 


Mac Pro 4.1

OSX 10.10

2.66 quad core 

640gb HD (will be upgrading to SSD soon and adding additional drives also) 

20 gig ram total (2 8gig and 2 2 gig chips)

AMD Radeon 7950 with 3gig of ram on the card 


Please no chatter about windows is better or mac is better. Im asking about this setup or an addition to this setup not to sell it and buy a new one. 


I tested out the comp after setup and download of the recommended Java 7_U42 build and I am getting around 70FPS in a single player creative world I would have thought that the FPS should have been a bit higher. 


Open GL graphics is off

Clouds are off

Bobbing is off

was running in full screen

particals at all

render at normal

Max FPS setting

Fancy graphics

brightness at brightest


Also when logging into a small server a friend and I play on wandering around our main build area im getting between 25 and 45 FPS but if I look straight up into the sky about 60FPS We do have a fairly large and automated area with farms, wichery, and a fair amount of micro blocks. 


Do these numbers sound about right for this setup? 


Recommendations to improve either the computer settings, the minecraft settings, or other settings? 


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