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Best Random teleport


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Returning from Limbo does depend somewhat on how far you had been into the Dimensional Dungeon before you dropped there. Or at least I think it does. Can take you 2000 blocks if really far into it.


But I guess the easiest way to get very far away randomly is covering some distance in the Nether and then making a return portal. If I remember correctly, the Overworld distance travelled that way is ten times as large as the distance travelled in the Nether. Not sure if the direction is random, though.

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I would think 3 but that actually depends on the configs. Originally DimDoors had a really BIG number there but now in tekkit it looks like this

    I:"Limbo Entry Range"=500   
    I:"Limbo Return Range"=500

Edit: Wow, that was actually changed by the mod author.

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