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RAM/Quarry Question

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Hey guys, my friend and I run a Multiplay server and we were wondering about how much RAM do you reccomend we use to run on the Tekkit server? Currently we run 400mb of RAM for 8 people. Never needed more than 8 slots. Should we upgrade to 1gb of RAM?

Also, about the Quarries. The lag issue, we noticed when we attempted to run three 32x32 quarries that the server experienced a massive lag issue. We fixxed it (World edit) But is it wiser to run only one quarry and what should the max size be? (P.S. I know alot of people prefer using different means to harvest materials but we like the quarries)

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You can run as many quarries as you want with no lag as long as you have a decent server. I usually use at least 2GB of ram on a server, but if I host it on a desktop, I just make the its a very strong desktop that can handle many tasks.

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