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How do you install Towny on a Tekkit 3 server?

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Hi, I run tekkit 3.0.4 and I can't figure out how to install Towny on it.

This is what it says in the console when Towny loads:

CONSOLE: ==================== Towny ========================

Towny: Database: [Load] flatfile [save] flatfile

Towny: Disabling Towny v0.80.1.0

Towny: Version: - Mod Disabled

Can anyone help? Thanks!

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So, I have done what you said here. I have also added BuildCraft, IndustrianCraft, RedPower, Forestry, and ComputerCraft to OP, and to TownyAdmin. I made sure that they were all listed under the fakeid section. My tekkit still is not working with towny installed but works fine without it. I am running Tekkit 3.1.2 and Towny

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