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  1. I'm using Grief Prevention and PermissionsEx. I remember when I had Towny I had to add fake users [industrialCraft], [buildCraft] and [RedPower] to the permissions list and make a group giving them full power. I've done that and still can't get it to work, I tried adding [industrialcraft] as a server operator and it worked but only temporarily. After restarting the server it stopped working again and now I can't get it work regardless if its an operator or on the permissions file. No error in console, the miner is drawing power it's just not drilling. Any help is appreciated. EDIT: Think I found a solution in this thread, http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/icĀ²-miner-not-mining.11529/#post-108816 EDIT 2: Nope, PermissionsEx 1.19.1 has no change. Issue still stands. EDIT 3: I've narrowed the issue down to the Grief Prevention plugin.
  2. Check the server log for errors and make sure that under Minecraft/Mods folder the "ComputerCraft" folder isn't named [1]ComputerCraft or anything like that.
  3. I tried that awhile ago on another servet, it was pretty easy to use. I like the siege feature, I think I'll give it a try.
  4. Make sure your firewall/router allows 25565 for tcp and if not post the server log excerpt of them trying to connect.
  5. Do you have the mod Tekkit selected or Vanilla?
  6. The problem occurs when loading wireless redstone, make sure you've either replaced the configs with the new ones or updated them. I Also confirm you deleted the old mods and replaced with the new ones.
  7. I used to use the original Cuboid, than switched to WorldGuard and I agree, cuboidI based protection is much more advanced the only problem is people are lazy and don't want to learn how to type commands or what a cube is opposed to spamming a claim command. I wish there was an item based land claim or gui to make it simpler.
  8. Towny work's great, you just need to disable the version check to get it to work. bypass_version_check: 'true'
  9. You must open the Towny config file and disable the version check. bypass_version_check: 'true'
  10. Fresh tekkit server pack, edit the server.properaties, copy your map over, copy over any plugin configs and make sure to download the plugin version compatible with Bukkit 1.1 R4 or lower.
  11. Any chance of getting a copy of your permissions file in regards to the EE mods?
  12. Are you using the vanilla crafting bench instead of the rolling machine? http://railcraft.wikispaces.com/Rolling+Machine+%28Device%29
  13. yes, are correct in the usage assuming modifyworld uses that, I have no experience using it so I'm unsure, but the first hyphen signifies a new entry in the formatting of the parameter. Whereas the second is part of the variable to do the opposite, or in this case disable. This is only a theory and may not be relevant but it's still good practice. The wildcard should also be contained in apostrophes as well, also the wildcard usually means give all of the permissions. So that may be contradicting your disabling.
  14. KI had this issue myself, I fixed it by clearing the download cache and having tekkit download and rebuild itself. If that doesn't work go to %appdata% and find ".tekkitlauncher" backup any single player worlds/textures then delete it and start fresh. That should help.
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