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How do I go about not being a asshat prima donna?


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to survive here, you need to BE an asshat prima donna.

but seriously, it's not hard. just read the rules, and be sure to read stickies before you post problems if you have any. the only other thing to do is not make worthless posts. if you don't have anything meaningful to contribute, just don't post. "I lol'd", "bump", "me too", "epic", and "<insert image macro meme here>" don't count as meaningful posts.

and remember, we don't care who you are here, it's what you do and say that matters.

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Thanks for the advice. So far things have been going good with technic and I am really impressed. However the one big thing that did throw me off was that technic kicked my computers a*s (and I'm running a decent setup...) - lucky for me it can run ok on lowered settings. I've mainly been surviving thanks to the wiki but even with the wiki it was still a big step up from vanilla :P.

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