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Help installing factions on Tekkit 2.1.1?

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Hey, I'm currently using the older version of Tekkit and I've been using factions since I've had Tekkit, but a few days ago i may of melted some stuff in my server (In real life) and after i fixed it I've got no idea where this 'extra' file is which i need to install Tekkit is.

Anyway anybody that can put me in the right direction would be very helpful as I've given up searching Google.

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Gee, thanks for the help but most people don't have time to squander around looking for different forums to put things on, I searched for the answers on this forum, found a similar answer (By somebody who didn't get criticized for asking a question in a similarly titled forum) but for newer versions of Tekkit and posted a query here, sorry for your 'inconvenience' and sorry if I made a mistake...

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