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Uranium hexafluoride into ME network.


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Normally a bucket filled with a liquid is used to set a filter in ExtraCells liquid input/output buses. You cannot fill a bucket with some liquids in tekkit but you can fill some kind of tank (TE/ExU) and use it in the bus to set the liquid type to import/export. IIRC uranimum hexafluoride is behaving like a gas in Atomic Science, not liquid (although it's registered as a Forge liquid) so you can store it in a tank but not a bucket.


Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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I suggest you only ask one question at a time. Double or triple posting is frowned upon.


The mentioned bus is an Applied Energistics Bus, which comes in several flavours. Technically speaking, the entire ME network is a bus, but the blocks named as such are actually interfaces.


Concerning space stations, this is Galacticraft. You get your space station in a very bare-bone fashion when you successfully launch a Rocket and go to orbit, then select the space station as a destination. Every player gets their own, and it has to be built up according to Galacticraft rules (unless you don't care about an oxygen-sealed interior that allows you to take your helmet off).

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