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can you move the oxygen display?


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like topic says ... just curious if you can move the oxygen display to a different part of the screen because i love that spot for the map and the oxygen interferes with it when they are in the same spot and it gets somewhat annoying when trying to use the map and i dont want to be stuck having to move the map just so i can use it properly when on the moon or mars. so if it cna be moved then id really appreciate it if someone could tell me how to do so. if it cant then i will prob just work with it the way it is since i dont go to the moon or mars very often yet but i will be more later on.

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There is an option I know off it is in the config file of galacticraft that you can edit to get the display on the other side.


(press in minecraft before loading a world -> options -> resource packs -> open resource pack folder then go up 1 directory level and go into the config folder then the galacticraft folder)


Inside the galacticraft core config :


# If true, this will move the Oxygen Indicator to the bottom. You can combine this with "Minimap Left"
    B:"Minimap Bottom"=false (changed this to true myself)

# If true, this will move the Oxygen Indicator to the left side. You can combine this with "Minimap Bottom"
    B:"Minimap Left"=false

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