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Bukkit server to Tekkit?

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I'm currently running a craftbukkit server with some mods on it, but I'd like to get buildcraft and red.... (I forgot its name but I think you know what I mean). I'm kind of a noob at all this minecraft server stuff, so I'd like some help.

A friend of mine has a Tekkit server and he told me it was way cooler that bukkit because it has lot's of mods preinstalled (like buildcraft and the redstonething). The problem is that me and another friend of mine are playing on my bukkit server and we already made a pretty cool world that we don't want to lose. I know that I could just set up tekkit and replace the world folders... but I already tried that and the problem is I have to install forge... but for some reason I can't install forge (winrar says that the archive is damaged and it can't be undone or something....)

Someone please help me. I know I'm a retard, but help me get uhm... unretarded :P

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There is an entire section on the MP minecraft stuff, it has a couple good tutorials on setting up Bukkit servers and the like.(Mostly Tekkit servers, because that is what this forum is for.)

Also, this is the launcher section, why are you asking anything about this stuff here?

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I would like to know this too. I made a post as well. Basically we want to integrate tekkit into a pre-existing server without changing the current worlds. In my case, i plan on using multiverse to setup a seperate world to run tekkit and i'd like to know how to do it. A link to a guide would be great or some instruction here.

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