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IC2 Agriculture

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I'm wondering, has anybody here messed around with the agriculture side of IC2?

I seem to have problems with crossbreeding, just wondering if there is some plant guru, or super farmer out there willing to help.

I've manged to find out this much by research/experimentation so if you are more clueless as me it could serve as a fact sheet:

-using crops on tiled farmland the following are plantable:


*Melon seeds

*Pumpkin seeds

*coco beans

*nether wart

*Roses (you need to hold 4 in your hand to plant this)

*Yellow flowers (you need to hold 4 in your hand to plant this)

*sugar cane

-when a plant, planted in crops is harvested it has a higher yield

-If a plant in a crop is next to a cross breeder (crops placed down twice in the same tile of tilled land makes these), the plant has a chance of crossing over to that tile creating a 'strain' of that plant

-If an unoccupied crop/crossbreeder is not sprayed with weed-ex the crop/crossbreeder has a chance of a weed spawning on it, these guys ruin all your fun by spreading to nearby plants and killing off your prize winning melons

-Bonemeal doesn't work on crops as you would expect, i believe it speeds up growth rather than makes it grow instantly

-when harvested these strains drop seed bags allowing that particular strain to be planted again

-when a seed bag is placed in a cropnalyzer 3 times, it will tell you specific information about the strain you have created, such as its resistance to trampling, and its growth time and its gain (i believe this to be the yield of the plant, not 100% sure)

-crossbred plants can occasionally be completely new plants! I've been unsuccessful in any attempts to create any but, items such as hops (an ingredient to make ale's and beers) coffee (self explanatory) and terrawart (not messed around with this much, but like any curious human does, i found out its edible) i hear there are more such as plants that grow redstone (?) and some that grow gold (?)

-The seed bags (as far as i know) can't be spawned in! so you have to work for cross breeds and stronger plants!

so that just brings me to a few questions have you managed to make any cross breeds?

if so how did you do it?

and can you correct any mistakes i have made?, i'm sure there are many.

TL;DRIndustrial craft 2 has nice relaxing gardening for the retired nuclear scientist and this guy doesn't quite understand all of it.

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Here is a helpful site that myself and other industrial herbalogists suggested to me: http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&postID=34660

For crop-starters, I suggest a tutorial from youtube, such as

As far as cross breeding, I have been able to make a few starter plants (mostly flowers that yield dyes) and once a terrawart. But other then that, I need to work on how to get the higher-class breedings.

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