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>_< Me again...

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Okay...last few problems I ended up solving as I went but this one I have now spent about 5 hours on with no success. I have searched for it in every way I can imagine and I simply cannot find an answer.

My sorting facility was working perfectly until it decided to just stop. The sorters are arranged in line from each other (RP2) so that what the first doesn't sort it sends to the second and so on. For some reason the first sorter states that it is backed up. Now I have already rotated it, destroyed pipes on all sides, and replaced the sorter but to no avail. Both the Sorter and the Relay at the entrance are saying they are backed up.

If I disconnect the sorter, the relay spits everything out like usual. I figured it had to be some bug with the sorting section so I completely replaced it with BC pipes using relays as a medium between RP and BC. Still nothing. The initial Relay is refusing to output into the BC sorting system when I know it should work >_> I've done sorting like that before...

So what could be causing two different mods to both refuse to sort? There is ample room left in the chests....

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