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  1. Hexxit is the only pack that really made factions useful to me, it gives everyone a competitive chance against each other. The only thing that i hated was a laggy server, which im glad this one isn't so that when i shoot an arrow it actually lands where i want it to lol. Even the staff enjoy it here! ^^
  2. I'm currently working on getting my base started on this pack, and with all the mods i'm definitely going to have to make plenty of room lol. That's one of my favorite things about this modpack and server is the unique experience it give, along with the smoothly running server and helpful staff. ^^
  3. I love going adventuring, there is always another infernal mob or battle tower just outta my view that I can conquer!
  4. Infernal mobs make Hexxit even more fun. It's like random bosses that just pop up here and there, and they usually drop some pretty legit stuff. Go mob farming and see whatcha can get!
  5. It's the constant battles that shape the ever-changing boundaries between them, and sometimes wipe them out altogether!
  6. Can I has cookies?