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  1. -_- Awww... it says I need mods/mod versions to play! Not again!
  2. Minecraft Username: DjPika99 Have you ever been banned, if so, why?: Once when my lil' bro was playing and some dude greifed the PvP area and blamed my bro What do you plan to do on the server: Learn how to build a factory in hopes of being a #1 industry on the server Do you have any previous experience with tekkit? If so, what?: .-. I sometimes have multiplayer server troubles, so I go server hunting. A result of using Tekkit from 1-2 months.
  3. Ingame Name: DjPika99 How would you moderate the server? I would moderate the server well by preventing conflicts that could ruin the Tekkit experiance for everyone. What experiance do you have as a moderator? Acually have had no experiance as a moderator. Why do you want to be a moderator? In order to keep the server safefrom those who want to rein supreme above others. What Timezone are you in? Eastern Standart Time (EST)
  4. When I try to play as a guest on tekkit, it says Failed to Connect: Bad Login. Plz fix this if possible.