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  1. Hello Peoplez! i am Heath Chase and i am 12 i need a partner who is fun and who can play + 2 times a week with me you must have a skype, hamachi (unless you can host the server), and a youtube channel. my skype is chcchrisheathchase btw
  2. Hello i am Heath Chase i am 12 years of age but very mature....ish, i would like to start a let's play video series of and thing my partner would like (tekkit classic, lite, technic, volts, etc....). You have to have a skype and hamachi. I will make the server and record the ideos i am a little new to this but i will try my hardest. Requirements for my partner: must be my age or older must be fun to talk with any play with must not course a lot must be willing to play a lot must have Skype must have logmeinhamachi My skype is chcchrisheathchase i can interview you or whatnot on skype or you can answer these questions 1. age 2. timezone 3. what game you prefer (tekkit classic, lite, voltz, etc...) 4. skype name 5. what you are good at in your prefered game.
  3. do you happen to have skype if so my skype is chcchrisheathchase i have money to buy/rent a server unless you already have one we can also have a hamachi server (free server) but i cant host it. I would lke to do a LP with you (im 12 btw)
  4. my name is Heath my skype is chcchrisheathchase 12 i have tekkit i have a youtube channel im the awesomeest person who will ever meet
  5. Hello im a 12 year old tekkit loving mature kid who really wants to do a lets play series but i dont have any recording softwar or a server but i have a skype and willing to play with anyone just ask me
  6. looking for a lets play partner. i am 12 and i can host a hamachi server all i need is to ask a few questions 1. Can you record? 2.Do you have a youtube channel? 3.Time Zone? 4. Age (optional but recomended)? 5. Times you can play. if you have a skype you have an advantage. My skype is chcchrisheathchase. Chat me up!
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