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  1. Quick and easy, I'm 21, looking for some people to play with. I don't have a server in mind but finding one won't be an issue. Must have skype/TS3. If you're interested add me. SKYPE: chuck.carmichael2
  2. Hey, I saw your thread post and I'm quiet interested in joining you guys, I'm starting up my own youtube channel myself so I can definitely be of help with everything, If you have skype add me: chuck.carmichael2

  3. Hey I saw your thread post about hosting a server. I'm rather interested in playing with you guys. Do you have skype?

  4. Hey I have my own server and I'm looking for people. For now it runs off my computer and most of the time no issues. I'm 27, living in Albany, NY and running the standard tekkit pack. Be happy to have you join, let me know.

  5. Hey I'd be happy to join you if your interested?

    1. Xyience


      sure add me on skype: chuck.carmichael2

  6. Hey I saw your post about looking for people to play with, If you're interested you should add me on skype: chuck.carmichael2

  7. Simple and easy, I'm almost 21 years old. I'm looking for a group of people to play with from 1 to a fair bit lol(preferably older people although if you're mature ill accept it) I have both Skype and Ts3. I'm not able to host a server although I know of some decent ones. If you're interested with playing with me then message me on here
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