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  1. Hey, I saw your thread post and I'm quiet interested in joining you guys, I'm starting up my own youtube channel myself so I can definitely be of help with everything, If you have skype add me: chuck.carmichael2

  2. I would like to join your tekkit server. i am 16 and my skype is liforuce. most of my friends tell me im pretty funny.

  3. I'd like to join or beomce an mod or admin (as I have shitle loads of experience with both Name : Blake Age : 21 skype : numberonetaco IGN(In Game Name) : number1taco history with Minecraft : 8 tekkit servers, been admin on 12 servers (8 Tekkit, 4 bukkit). the 12 servers are servers I didn't own but cared for when ever i was on, I know what it takes to run a 24/7 Tekkit server. I've had painful staff that has stabbed me in the back so I'm more then willing to start off as mod if you feel unsafe with someone new. (I'm also willing to donate) Proudest achievements in Minecraft : I h
  4. need some people who are 21+ and want to play some Tekkit on a private server? I'm willing to take in 3+ members, the more the better. I'm looking for some somewhat to hilariously funny people, as this server will be used for lets plays (youtube). I'm willing to install mods and I already have the server up and running (no lag, 24/7, and hosted by fpsbox) Message me, I may open a teamspeak or just leave it at skype. Age must be proven. May have my gf join to add some more youtube audiance to it. All gals and guys are welcome! You don't have to be 21 just mature and hilarious!
  5. Don't forget about the Teamspeak channel we have! voice.eldercrest.com (on TS3)
  6. I will look into it Spike, could you message me the cordinates to your region? someone may have just typed /stoplag, which kills all entites (including animals, mobs, excess items, etc.). I have planted new trees just outside of spawn to help any new players I hope you all enjoy the server!
  7. Ok I'm on this server for good! I'm happy to help you guys that I will have a new thread up soon since this one is not being updated...
  8. Very true, kids will be kids. When Stephen stopped the last Tekkit server I was confused, he said it was due to donations (which I can believe, although many people donated, including myself) but why not end the main server? It had maybe half the people the Tekkit server had. Well I mean what ever, that's all in the past now... You may wanna try to spruce up the first post, make nice headings, a nice title, use pictures of spawn and the warps to building areas, etc. I can also help you guys out with a few more items that should be banned and a few plugins that you may wanna look into.
  9. One more thing, when no admins or mods are on people are getting killed in spawn by guns and daggers... Check the name CN0T3, killed me 8 times just after entering the server... Pretty terrible start.
  10. Narwhal, lots of servers have mcMMO working flawlessly. I'm guessing this server is not run by Stephen anymore? Seeing that the OP of this thread is a late "Eldercrest Tekkit" admin. Plus, I'm very surprised this thread was passed by the mods/admin on this forum... Not much of anything going on in the original post...
  11. I may apply for admin or something later on but for now I'd just like to enjoy some building. Hopefully owning 2 large Tekkit servers and 1 large bukkit server will help my application.
  12. 1gb video cards are $40-$60 from what I saw awhile back. Nothing wrong with 8gb and 1333, that should be good to go and same with the proccessor. Looking good so far :)
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