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  1. so im trying to make a ultra modded survival server but i have no idea what im doing. ive made a server before but it was tekkit. i read that i need to make a mods folder but remove client only mods. and what kind of server should i download? any help would be appreciated. Please and thank you
  2. I would like to join your tekkit server. i am 16 and my skype is liforuce. most of my friends tell me im pretty funny.

  3. I set up a tekkit server and it runs. i can connect to it but others cant. can someone tell me why no one else can connect.
  4. interested*** seekerjf love tekkit in experienced at cc but good at everything else, need wiring done, im your man! also would love it if this is survival and not creative or something

    1. garkalla2


      im still working on some technical problems with my server but if you are stilll interested add me on skype. liforuce
    2. seekerjf


      Hey I sent ou a request and a few msg's got Skype for iPod now to so ill be easier to get to
  5. looking for a few people to join my server for having fun and messing around. i live in central US and i go to school so activity is limited. my server is running but im working on the last few technical difficulties. message me if youre interested
  6. Hello i would like to do the tekkit with you. i can probably host but i need to learn how to set up a tekkit server

    1. CharlieBros


      Is easy, just search a tutorial. I need fun and creative people, if you are fun and creative, and you are able to host, we just need a test to see how we work. I need that you quickly do the things, because I'm planning start the tekkit series tomorrow, with or without coop.
  7. Im interested in joining you to play tekkit

  8. Hello im interested in joining your server

  9. I would like to join a server with a few people to generally fun fun and goof off. Im in the USA in central time and am 16. im a student and school ends at four so i dint know what my time schedule will be like. i know a good bit about tekkit too i have a skype, my username is liforuce message me if youre interested
  10. I would like to join your tekkit server. Message me if you are interested

  11. Hello. i would like to join in your small server because i would like to have fun playing with a few people rather than just myself.

    i know a good bit about tekkit.

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    2. garkalla2


      I believe my computer could handle hosting one but i need to learn how to set one up
    3. iam13islucky


      do you have a skype?
    4. garkalla2


      yes. my name is liforuce on skype