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  1. In game name: Tomo1012 Age: 21 Location: USA Are you currently banned from any servers? No Minecraft experience to date: About around the end of alpha. A short paragraph about yourself and why you would like to play on our server: I love to build, love to hang out, and much more than a short paragraph could explain about my experience and how much fun I have had sense alpha.
  2. If you are the person who like to build, have loads of fun, and be with a great community, this is the server to join.
  3. hey man my quantum chest and legs vanished from my inventory when I took it off, can you help please?
  4. Hey guys, on the first week weekend of December, mod istevy, mod tomo1012, lowe54, corvetteblac2, spart1 will be hosting a early Christmas event. There will be games and more, pvp is not allowed, you will be penalized but will get your items at the end of the day, we will also have a pvp arena where u get to battle it out for prizes and more but u will only be able to use leather armor and wooden swords. Also presents will be given out at start. At the end of each the day we will have a secret prize for those who get the most points. so come one come all. also if u have any sugestions of what games plz lets us know more events will be added sorry guys but i have loads of tests coming up on the first week of dec, I wont be able to host all the time so im changing it for this weekend so please come sorry for the inconvenience thank you
  5. hey is the server down or is session down? Well any way ill be looking forward to the server coming back online :)
  6. I cant find out when the mojang's multiplayer session might be back up can u find anything?
  7. Also if you get that try direct connecting and some times it will go through.
  8. Login failed, to my under standing this started to happen to minecraft and tekkit after the massive update and minecraft has been reported to having the same problem, its something to do with the autoserver. For right now this is as far as I got but more info should be found about it soon enough.
  9. IGN: tomo1012 Age: 20 How long have you been playing on this server? For about a week now. Why do you want to be a moderator? I like to help people in answering questions or concerns some one might have. Also I have been playing minecraft since beta and have been playing tekkit for 5 months now so I will be glad to answer any tekkit or mincraft questions . What do you think moderators do? To ensure people don't stray from the rules and respect them, and to answer any questions or problems a player might have. Any experience as a moderator or an admin? I have been a moderator before on a minecraft world and ran my own hamachi server for a while on minecraft. What timezone are you in? EST (US & Canada) Anything else you want to tell me? I love the server and all the things you can do, the fact I have to earn everything is very enjoyably fun for the few days that I have been online. So keep up the great work.
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