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  1. Hi there. Just a quick application: IGN: GoingToWork Age: 28 Time playing modded minecraft: About 1.5 years Reason I want to join: Well, i want to play some tekkit again and since its one of very few 1.1.7 servers and i also liked your introduction post i would like to take a look around your server. So long, Patrick
  2. Would like to take a look around your server. My IGN is GoingToWork. Thank you.
  3. Name: GoingToWork Age: 27 What do you wish to accomplish?: Just want to build some nice setups and have an easy time. Maybe some RP with some Shops / an Inn, dont know yet. Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? Jup what is the purpose of a macerator? To grind one ore into two dust --> doubling your mining efficiency. And some more specific stuff. Recommendations(if you been invited): nope Others things i should know: Guess not, never got banned or anything like that.
  4. Your In-game Name: GoingToWork What you like to do on Minecraft (pvping, building, socializing, slaughtering monsters, etc) mostly building some stuff with others, but i really dig the war part of this server Which number has a larger positive value, -1500 or 1000? 1000 [Optional] An essay of any length on your favorite historical figure: First coming to my mind is Hunter S. Thomspon, but that could be because i re-read some of his work a while ago. Great guy. But sorry, no essay, just came from my studies.
  5. IGN: GoingToWork Age: 27 What you want to do on the server: I want to have some nice little setup and explore the tekkit mod from there on. Just know the basic stuff at the moment (about 24hours playtime, i guess), but most of the ideas come while building, well for me at least thats true. I also want to show a friend of mine the magic of tekkit, hes just played vanilla MP until yesterday, when we played on another server for like five hours, and he was already hooked. About you: Im a friendly guy from germany who just wants to have some fun playing mc online. Im looking for a tekkit server with towny and without EE, so that seems to fit very well. Im mostly playing in the evening/early night (MET) after work, just easy gaming, no struggle ; ). Hoping to get whitelisted, and to see you on the server. Pictures of previous builds: dont have any stuff worth showing at the moment
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